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Funko Pop! Disney - Pluto Disney Collection Exclusive  #287

“Aw, you're just a mutt!”

Pluto is an iconic and classic Disney character beloved by nostalgic fans. Known for being the pet dog of Mickey Mouse, he figure bounced onto the screen in 1930 and has since appearance in a plethora of Disney cartoons, films, and specials. You can’t get more nostalgic than this release, depicting the classic pup with his tongue out and one ear lifted and listening for his owner’s squeaky voice! This was released as part of Funko’s Disney Festival of Friends exclusive subscription box and couldn’t be purchased on its own, making it a worthwhile and high value addition to any collection.

This sought after figure can no longer be bought on its own from Funko, and the original subscription service has since been discontinued, making this POP!, with its shiny gold sticker, a rare grail worth adding to your Disney collection.

Funko Pop! Disney - Pluto Disney Collection Exclusive #287

SKU: 1479
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