Dragon Ball Z Over 9000 Game Tin

The greatest fighters in the Dragon Ball Z universe have assembled to see who is the mightiest of them all! Part bluffing game, part deduction, Dragon Ball Z: Over 9000! has players selecting an iconic hero or villain from Dragon Ball Z and competing against their friends to be the first to get their power level over 9000! Packaged in a collectible tin.

In Dragon Ball Z: Over 9000!, players select a Dragon Ball Z character to play as. At the start of each round, players draw 6 random tokens from a large pool of action tokens. They then assign 1 token to each of the 5 available slots on their character card, and return 1 unused token to the supply. After all tokens have been assigned, players will, on their turn, challenge and reveal 1 token. Depending on the tokens revealed, players will either successfully attack, defend, or power up. Attacking and powering up gains the player power levels, while defending denies the attacker the opportunity to gain a power level. Character skills put a unique twist on the strategy players will deploy when assigning their tokens.


  • 12 cards
  • 40 tokens
  • 1 Rulebook

Dragon Ball Z Over 9000 Game Tin

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